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Once upon a time...

Charles Dickens wrote a great deal of his novels as serializations. He was paid by the word. Any of you who've read his works in high school or college are already (sometimes painfully) aware of this.

Still, there is hope for serialized fiction!

There is a woman who lives in a little home on a little military base on the not-so-little island of Japan. She owns a dog. A gorgeous golden retriever of the palest hue that goes by the name of Sage (picture here). As many pets often are for lonely humans, Sage has been a savior to this woman in her temporary, military exile.

In February, the woman is moving away from here island exile and back 'home' to the US. The military will pay her husband to move himself and his spouse back, and they have barely enough funds to find themselves a home upon arriving in Virginia. The military will not provide them the funds needed to transport their only child; Sage the Dog.

Thus was born "A Novel in Pieces". A serialized novel that Catherynne M. Valente will be posting one week at a time for 6 months, starting January 10th. In exchange for a $10 subscription, readers gain access to the private postings of this new novel (early subscribers - between now and the start of the novel - get to help choose the subject matter!) and a plethora of other little goodies along the way.

Also, 10% of the subscriptions will be donated to the International Red Cross to help with disaster relief in SE Asia. It's a good read and a good deed.

(More detailed details can be found here.)

Please seriously consider helping catvalente with this. No pet deserves to be left behind in a strange place. No pet owner deserves to be forced to make such a decision.

Feel free to repost this entry into your journals, or into communities (appropriately of course) to spread the word.


A stanza or poem of four lines

\Quat'rain\, noun [From French quatre - four, Latin, quattuor, quatuor. See Four.]

A stanza of four lines rhyming alternately. --Dryden.

Write one quatrain
Write about;

Lying, Dreams, The Saddest Moment, Desire, Money...
Feeling, Sympathy, Pity, Loneliness, Happiness...
Rainbows, Butterflies, Darkness, Wickedness...
Betrayl, Trust...

Pick anything, express it as concisely and as powerfully as you can, in just 4 lines.

Choose more than one 'subject'. Write separate quatrains for each.

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n. pl. in·fi·del·i·ties

1a. Unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, especially a spouse.
1b. An act of sexual unfaithfulness.

2. Lack of fidelity or loyalty.
3. Lack of religious belief.

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Today's prompt is not brought to you by a meme. It is brought to you by 15 Exercises for Writers.

Pick ten people you know and write a one-sentence description for each of them.

For the sanity of the rest of us preface it with the name of the individual (screenname or otherwise is fine).
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